Hi, I'm Troy Styles

Brand Creator & Development Coach

With over twenty years of corporate operations and development experience, I have learned the foundational elements of any great brand development project and how to implement them in various markets. 

Corporate Multi-Level Management

GAP Inc. is my foundation of customer service, product knowledge, inventory control, marketing strategy, store budget, district core strategy, and regional demographical operational planning and implementation.

2001-2002 (STORE MANAGER)

Old Navy (us)

This level position included a 3 million dollar revenue store with 11 management and 46 team members. Overall store operations, and inventory control.

2002-2008 (DIStRICT VISUALS)

Old Navy (SC - US)

Managed inventory with upstock and dual isle backstock for 13 stores in the carolina south district of the southeast region.


Gap Inc. (US)

Directly managed 212 stores in the US market with over 275 million revenue, 12,000 employees, and all store operational policies and procedures.

Store Operations
Team Management
Team Development
Loss Prevention
Inventory Management
Revenue Projection

International Flight Attendant

In this position, I was based in New York City and flew the highest time out of all of my base peers as an international purser for the largest global airline.


Delta Airlines (NYC)

Flew accross the USA, Caribbean, and more. This was a high traffic position with detailed customer relations experience day-to-day.

2010-2012 (PURSOR)

Delta Airlines (NYC)

Daily contact with upwards of 4,000 passengers commanding operations, manifest paperwork, and medical and safety training and certifications.

2010-2017 (global pursor)

delta airlines (NYC)

A sophisticated position requiring intense flexibility, detailed organization, and expert communication which was critical to the daily operation of the airline and its partners.

Time Management
Customer Service
Traiining & Certiications
Professional Development

My Current Companies

After adopting my three children, I began to develop my own brands in an effort to nourish my advanced career as an entrepreneur with notable experience in development and strategic revenue growth.

Since 2018

Founder / CEO

A specialty coffee roaster with ten USA locations dedicated to quality, fresh reoasted coffee and the experience of our consumers.

Since 2019

President / CEO

A virtual grocery brand sourcing from local farmers and growers to supply small town consumers looking to eat fresh and shop local.

Since 2020

Founder / CEO

A national coffee subscription service for consumers with over 150 partner roasters. A fresh roasted, craft coffee, mail-delivery, continual service.

Since 2020

President / CEO

A brand development corporation with nearly 200 subsidary brands in development or production. A combined portfolio of variable client based services and products.

Experience in numbers

My Combined experienced has shaped my development, sharpened my growth, a pinned my integrity as a businessman.


Design Your Brand To Capture Your Consumer