You Named Me Daddy

It was an early January morning, the temperatures were record cold. I was 646 miles away. I knew my sister was leaving her kids home and I knew the conditions. Globetrotting and sporadically checking in was my style. I was so consumed in my life as a flight attendant at the time. It had become my identity and my life back home was something I had escaped from. My feet were aching, I was in much need of sleep; I hardly even knew where I was after flying the highest time in NYC for the past four months. 

I kept a check on my nieces and nephews from a distance, but I was in no position to do more. I loved them, had watched them grow and mature, and always wanted better for all of them. I had become quite close with Akia and Ayanna, but Aythan I had kept at a distance, purposefully. He was so sweet and loved me so much. It was an accident that we even met. 

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