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We invite you to a brand consultation with TroyCoLIVE – a team of branding experts who will help you unlock the full potential of your brand.

Whether you’re a start-up looking to establish your brand identity, or an established business seeking to rebrand and elevate your image, our consultation will provide you with valuable insights and guidance to achieve your branding goals.

Our Services

 Developed leadership is at the core of every successful business.

As an operational strategist, my passion is hyper-focused in exploring the team that drives your brand.

At TroyCoLIVE _ Brand Development Corp, we offer a comprehensive range of brand development services to help businesses of all sizes establish and enhance their brand identity.

Our services are tailored to meet the unique needs and objectives of each client, and we work closely with them to ensure that their brand accurately reflects their values and resonates with their target audience.

I conduct extensive brand research to reduce and eliminate risks to your branding ideas before they become a liability

I conduct Legal Entity Filings for clients to help organize your business from the start. (If you need legal advice, I recommend you to seek an attorney)

Protect your branded content with copyright and trademarks that stake ownership, rights, and protections to your branded content and stop others from copying it for commercial use

Expanding your existing or new product line into variable products or subscription and other types of products to expand revenue gain and maximize inventory

Want to take a product to store retail shelves? I can help you design your branded products with your target consumer in mind ready for big box retail shelves.

Figuring out how to create wholesale pricing, subscription, package, and multi-pricing concepts are simple with my guided process.

Brand recognition is incredibly important, but not incredibly complicated. Sometimes a simplistic approach is the element of your consumers attention.

A skilled web developer with interactable solutions to every avenue of your businesses operations. Your investment into web design should mirror a brick and mortar and should be seen as such.

I will help your create branded content for your project to capture your audience and entice your consumers. I will help you learn to develop your own content for future branded projects.

I am an organic marketing guru with tons of insights to help you elevate your content by targeting your demographic and trends.

Our team is dedicated to providing our clients with the highest level of service and expertise in brand development.

We are committed to helping our clients achieve their branding goals and establish a brand that stands out in their industry.

Brand Structure Development

We work with our clients to develop a comprehensive brand strategy that aligns with their business objectives and goals.

This includes identifying their target audience, defining their unique value proposition, and creating a messaging framework that resonates with their audience.

Brand Design

Design: We help businesses create a distinctive and memorable brand identity through logo design, typography, color palette, and visual elements that represent their brand.

Brand Copywriting

We craft compelling and impactful brand messaging and copywriting that connects with the audience and inspires action.

Brand Guide

We develop brand guidelines to ensure that the brand identity remains consistent and cohesive across all channels.

Brand Management

 We provide ongoing brand management and consulting services to ensure that the brand continues to build familiarity with it’s structure internally, while resonating with the audience and stays relevant in a constantly evolving market.

Coaching & Development Plans

My initiative as your branding coach is to strategize your growth, plan your success, and achieve your revenue streams through a targeted foundational, yet modern approach. 



How it Works?

Through our partnership with Cisco Webex, you have integrated 1-on-1 access with me in a private space to grow and develop in your business or project for the duration of your client access

1-on-1 Focus

I am available to meet with you weekly and committed to your growth and mindset. This is a focused time we get to develop good energy for your brand and projects.

Flexible Connectivity

I meet in over 100 languages, during flexible time frames, and in a soiree of fashions.

Our space is 256 bit end-to-end encrypted and all of our information is processed on our server to keep you, your brand, and your companies project information and intellectual property secure.

Client Testimonials

I maintain a client base of nearly 200 brands with a combined revenue of an estimated 60 million dollars in annual sales

Troy has helped me as a young entrepreneur to scale some of my ideas into a minimalistic production with revenue I couldn’t have imagined for myself as a side gig / all-I-do type of accelerated start-up.

Michael Andrews

Fashion Startup

Working with Troy has soared my business, my products, and my  customer retention by 300% in the first year. A definite win for me and my small; big thinkingteam!

Essence Bolan

Female Clothing Startup

With so much competition in my market, I was complicating my own strategy. Troy helped me to become a better boss, source local, implement a routine in my workflow, motivate my team to get better results, while reducing my turnover drastically.

K-Mo Lee

Restaurant Owner

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1-on-1 Focus

To authentically coach you in your business mindset, I must have 1-on-1 focused time with you to really centerfold your development and work through your ideas.

Flexible Connectivity

Our Webex Space provides a ton of flexibility for us to link on the fly. This space is encrypted end-to-end and easy to use and manage from any device.