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Where Am I From?


Born in Travelers Rest, SC. Lived in Charleston, SC for a few years in my teens and early twenties. Spent several years traveling the globe before finally settling back into Greenville, SC; a few miles from Travelers Rest.

What Do I Do?


I own a coffee roasting and manufacturing company. We are the makers of the freshest, most exotic, specialty graded coffees from around the globe. An accredited member of the Specialty Coffee Association. 

Interesting About Me!


I have three children. I inherited them later in life. Some may call them dependents; to me they're assets. Their ages are 7, 14, and 17. The seven year old is a boy, the others are girls. Yes, they are siblings.  

About Us



Damian and I are a duo team of dad's. Neither one of us ever thought our life would end up as parents, but it honestly has been the greatest reward and the glue that has bound us together. Read more about us at #doubledaddin.


Reflecting on What Matters

We really need time to reflect and connect with the natural part of life. The sound of our heartbeat can do us a lot of good sometimes. We try to skip off on an adventure every once in a while to forcefully remove all of life's interference. It is necessary for survival.


Journey of Life

"A mile of highway will take you just one mile; a mile of runway will take you anywhere."

"When life gets tough, always remember; airplanes take off against the wind. Not with it.

"There are lot's of bumps along the road to easy street."


What is #doubledaddin ?

It's just our way of connecting "gay parenting" to the outside world. Many are curious, but won't admit or step beyond the boundaries inherited by previous generations.

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